Early Voting

The election is a few days away. We’re being told that this is the election of a lifetime. Aren’t they all, though? Doesn’t it seem that each presidential election is a make or break it time for one of the parties? But this time, it seems to be true. That’s what they say. Whoever they are.

I voted early. I stood in line in the cool weather waiting my turn. For an hour, I listened to the couple behind me discuss many topics that were of no interest to me. She went through each of the presidential elections since she was eligible to vote. She discussed which candidate she had voted for and why. Her husband asked how she had ended up voting for a certain party when her parents were staunch supporters of the other side. She gave her reasons. She firmly knew where she stood on certain issues and specific candidates. She voiced her pleasure in switching her husband to her party. She brought him over to the good side. She said.

She shared that the reason the first president she ever voted for got her vote was because he had appeared on MTV. Wow. That should definitely be a deciding factor on who to vote for in the most important election every four years. But she was impressed that he had put himself out there on a channel known to attract young people with impressionable minds. And guess what?! He won the election that year and again four years later.

Vote early. That’s what we’re being told to do. And millions are. We’re casting our vote and letting our voice be heard. We’re doing our civic duty, and we should be proud of that. It’s our responsibility and our right. Let’s not forget that.

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. 1 Peter 3:15

We also vote early on our eternal destination. We live our lives as a vote for either heaven or hell. For most people, this isn’t a decision that can be made at the very last second. Because we don’t know when our time is up. We must be ready at any moment of the day. However, some people do have the opportunity to make a last second decision. But why take the chance? Why not be prepared way ahead of time?

Each of us places our vote every day on the authority of our lives. We have two choices. God or Satan. Heaven or hell.

I think about the conversation I overheard. She could give a reasonable argument for each presidential candidate she had ever voted for. She knew where she stood on the issues. Good for her. I wonder if she could give such a thorough and eloquent answer for the eternal destiny she has chosen.

I wonder about myself and my decision about eternity. Can I give a reasonable argument for why I believe what I believe? Can I defend my faith? Do I know where I stand on issues of biblical truth?

I’ve chosen God and heaven. With that choice, I wonder if I can actually defend my decision. Can I wax eloquent on the merits of God and heaven? Can I explain why hell is a choice no one ever should make? Can I give the reason for the hope that I have? I should be able to do so. I should work diligently to bring others to the side of following Christ. I should be proud to defend my beliefs. At all costs.