Love of My Life

I think back to the day I married him.  35 years ago.  Some things have changed.  Some things have remained the same.

I think of the things that drew me to him.  I think of the things that I love about him.

His love for God

His humor

His musical talent

His work ethic

His honesty

His straightforward answers

His knowledge of the Bible

His love of pepperoni pizza

His patience

His love of sweet iced tea

His gift of helping others

His Christian heritage

His love of the color green

His playful spirit

His ability to avoid vegetables

His positive attitude

His leadership

His appreciation for good food

His love for family

His business insight

His mean sax playing

His ability to cut his own hair

His fondness for watching movies

His need for noisy distractions

His love of dogs

His taste for Peter Pan peanut butter

His eagerness to explore unsafe areas of new cities

His giving spirit

His love of a good joke

His interest in history

His beard

His respect for his dad

His act of honoring his mom in her final years

His willingness to serve others

His support

He’s the love of my life.  He’s my best friend.  I would marry him all over again.


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