She is His

She was belittled by her boss.  She was discussed by groups of people.  She was mentioned to the CEO.  She was on the list of those whose jobs would be eliminated.

The thing about her.  God speaks to her and through her.  He gives her words of encouragement and truth to share with those who need it.  Specific people.  Specific words.

She’s lost five precious, wanted babies.  She doesn’t know her father.  Her mother rejects her.  Says she looks like him.  Her mother overlooks her and her children’s birthdays.  Year after year.  No time for those with her DNA.

Through God’s great love and watchful eye, he provided a loving stepfather who adopted her and called her his own.  He gave her his name.  His godly mother loved her as her own daughter.  She taught her of God’s love.

She’s known disappointment.  Loss.  Rejection.  Heartache.  Through it all, she has also known God’s faithfulness, love and goodness.

The road to wholeness hasn’t been easy.  She’s a work in progress.  But when she gets alone with God, he meets her there.  In her closet.  Words in her journal.  He speaks truth to her.  And what he speaks happens.  Exactly as he has told her.  You see.  He’s God.  He doesn’t lie.  She knows this.  And she believes and waits for his will to happen.  Just as he says.

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.       John 10:27-28



I’ve seen her journals.  I’ve read the words.  Highlighted in pink and yellow.  Earmarked pages with special instructions and promises straight from God.   Those journals are her lifeline to God.  He meets her on those pages.  He seeks her out and gives her words of truth.  Sometimes instructions that must be followed through.  Other times, faithful promises to soothe a weary soul.  Always words of truth and love.  Words of prophecy.

She wrote words of hope and mercy to the boss who belittled her.  She wrote words of comfort and peace to the one whose sister was dying.  She wrote words of promise and protection when her job was in jeopardy.  These words were all from God.  To her.  God was faithful.  His words were fulfilled.  In time.  All of them.

She keeps listening.  She keeps writing.  She keeps trusting.

The funny thing is.  God’s love language to her is in Thee and Thou.  Whenst and Whilst.  He speaks in King James English.

She is appointed.  She is anointed.  She is His.

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