They Think They’re Winning

There are those who believe they’re winning. They believe they’re moving the world to globalism. A one world government. They believe they can coerce people of all races and ages to accept anything they say. They believe that raising taxes will bring more stability to a shaky economy. They believe they’re influencing school administrators, counselors and teachers to trick students into accepting questionable ideologies. They believe the parents of those kids don’t need to know about their underhanded manipulation. They believe that women should be able to legally kill their unborn babies on demand. They believe that anyone at any time in their life can change their pronouns and suddenly become the opposite sex. And they think they’re winning.

There are others who believe they’re winning. They believe they’ve seen progress in the fight for their own children’s allegiance. They believe they’re gaining ground in making the family the center of everyday life. They believe they’re making progress in saving the lives of the unborn. They believe they’re making a difference in how schools are teaching their children. They believe they’re starting to reign in activists who would hurt the cause of families and children. They believe their voice is finally being heard as they fight to know what’s being taught in public schools. And they think they’re winning.

They all believe they’re winning the short game. But, in the long term, what’s really going to happen? Are they hiding the truth in plain sight? Shouldn’t we keep our eyes wide open and our ears pealed to hear what’s not being said? Shouldn’t we be diligent when it comes to standing up for our beliefs? Shouldn’t we stay in the fight?

Judgment will come because the ruler of this world has already been judged. John 16:11

There are always two sides to everything. One side wins. And the other loses. That’s how it seems. Even if it isn’t a fight or a game or a sport. Someone always loses. And someone always wins. Some would say “shhh, don’t tell them they’re not winning”. Because at the end of the day, there’s only one race that matters. Both sides will be losers unless each individual in the race submits their life to Jesus Christ. It doesn’t necessarily matter what we’re fighting for or fighting against. If we’re not fighting for our own eternity in heaven, then we’re all losers. But wait. The message of salvation is open to everyone. Why wouldn’t we want to tell those who are on the losing team how to win in the end?

Sure. It’s up to them to change the way they’re living their lives. It’s their call whether they repent of their sins and ask for God’s forgiveness. It’s on them to choose Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. So why would we keep quiet? Why would we who are Christians keep silent when we know the only way to eternal life? Why wouldn’t we share the Good News with others? Do we want them to rot in hell? Absolutely not.

Oh. We tell ourselves that what comes around goes around. Meaning. We all get our just desserts. One day we’re in the game. The next day we’re out. Some days we’re winning. Other days we’ve flat out lost. Life is unfair. But eternity is forever. Let that sink in.

Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people. Philippians 2:15

Just the other day, I was driving to a dentist appointment and merged onto the three-lane freeway. It was an easy merge, because no other cars were in my lane. After a few minutes of driving, I looked in my rearview mirror. In one of the lanes, I saw a large box truck driving slowly causing all the cars behind it to slow down. No one was passing the slow truck. They just drove in one long slow line to their destination. I’m sure some of the drivers were very unhappy about driving so slowly, but they made no effort to go around the slow truck. And what they couldn’t or wouldn’t see was that all three lanes in front of the big truck were wide open. This big slow truck was the sole cause of their frustration. Yet they did nothing about it. Who was winning that game?

As I continued to drive, I came upon a big slow utility truck. It dawned on me, as I slowed down, that I could most likely be in the same predicament as all the other vehicles traveling very slowly behind the big box truck. So knowing what I assumed to be true, I moved into the left lane and passed the slow truck. Sure enough. He was the only reason for my slow down. The road ahead was wide open for me to resume speed. If I hadn’t just witnessed the long slow line behind me, I too would have most likely become frustrated by all the slow traffic. It was a simple fix. But I had to see for myself that there was a solution to my predicament. I had to get out of my lane in order to overcome the problem.

Every driver who stays behind the slow truck is the loser. They don’t move out of the slow lane to see that the road ahead is wide open. They have a choice to end their misery, but they do nothing about it. And some people do nothing about their misery, because they don’t know there’s a solution.

It goes without saying that if we listen to only one side of an argument and accept it without question, we only know one way of believing or doing something. But if we turn the page and read the other side of the story, we may find that history paints the picture in a totally different light. There are always two sides to every story. And the side we believe is winning may really be the loser in the long run. But because we’ve always just stayed in the lane where we’re comfortable, we don’t know the other side of the story even exists.

How sad it is to only know some of the information that’s available to us. How sad it is to not test out theories and ideas when we have the means. How sad it is that we don’t engage with those of a different belief to learn what they believe and why. How sad it is that we don’t share our Christian faith, knowing full well that Jesus Christ is the answer to the problems of this world. How sad it is that we don’t do our part to make sure everyone knows they too can be on the winning team.

There’s a far greater battle that’s going on in the spiritual realm. It’s an unseen battle, but it’s very real. And it is the cause of all the battles we’re facing. Satan and his army are fighting the heavenly armies of God Almighty. Oh. Satan may think he’s winning because we can see the headway he’s making in this world. Evil is running rampant. Morals and ethics are at an all-time low, while crime and corruption are at an all-time high. So yes. It appears that Satan is winning.

But he isn’t.

In the long game, Satan and all his followers are the losers. Big time losers. It will be the ultimate failure to be on Satan’s side when eternity calls your name. When your last breath is taken and you’re standing in God’s judgment, you want to be on God’s side of the battle. Because if you are, you’re in eternity with God. If you’re not, you’re in hell for eternity. We all have a choice of where we will spend eternity. Let’s choose wisely while there is still time.

But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness. 1 John 1:9

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